Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing 13

Animoto - fantastic !! I will definitely share this with my colleagues. I've enjoyed using the RBHS dog pictures in so many different ways - website, flickr, and animoto.

Thing 12

Copyright is something everyone needs to understand and respect. Great website and a great tool for teaching students how to be creative and share it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thing 11

I collect cookbooks, so some may not consider it reading, but to me it is. I signed up on goodreads and my username is drfried.

Thing 10

I set up a ning network when I was doing a lesson for Kathy Peterson on web2.0 tools. I also recommended it to a teacher last year after an inappropriate photo was uploaded by a student on the forum site she was using. I told her ning had the capability of monitoring things better than the forum site.

Thing 9

Going along with my theme of dogs I added my flickr slideshow to my blog and labeled it "17 Things that chew". I also added a daily "feed" of puppy pictures.

Thing 8

I really like Flickr. I used the same dog pictures as I did for my website. I did have a problem adding the slideshow to the sidebar of the blog and having the entire picture show up. So I added the slideshow to the bottom of the blog. I can envision all types of uses for flickr - both professional and personal.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thing 7

RSS feeds - it's a very convenient and easy way to follow information that you access on a regular basis. I signed up for a news link, cooking links, and the people I am following in 17 things. I think it is much better than all of the emails I have filling my inbox with the sites I currently subscribe to.

Thing 6

I had a lot of fun with my very simple website. I decided to share my love of dogs with the rest of the RB staff. I sent out an email to request dog pictures and was very happy with the response. My website is rbhsdogs.weebly.com. Check it out !!

I think weebly is great if you need a simple site. It doesn't have all the features of more sophisticated web publishing software - but hey - it's free !!